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What is

This economic crisis has left millions of people out of work, underworked, and hurting. We must serve each other as best we can. is a movement that asks you to pick one person you know who is suffering and serve them until they don't need it anymore. You serve and we'll provide a gentle reminder. Read more or start now.

Why serve someone?

I own a small food manufacturing business and had to lay off four people in early November 2008 - part of the reason was the economy and part was my own inexperience. Regardless of the cause, the point is that it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. These employees did nothing wrong and were like part of our family.

The experience got me thinking that we should not wait for the government to act, and instead we ought to develop our own "recovery" plan. One of the points of my plan was to serve one person I fired that was struggling until they didn't need it anymore. This plan does not require creating a new non-profit, making charitable contributions, or using some big bureaucracy. It's simple - select the person, make a pledge to yourself to serve in ways that you are able, and keep at it.

Just one person.

The problem was, I was so busy - especially in light of the fact that my labor pool was just reduced by half - that I often could not remember my pledge of service. I thought that a gentle reminder system would help and so we created this site.

Our goal: we hope that each person suffering from this crisis will be served by one person until no longer needed. Right now it appears that there are six million people that have lost their jobs due to this crisis and we know there are many more who have been affected that have not been counted. Odds are, you know someone who needs help.

Join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when I make the commitment?

You will begin by thinking of a person you know that needs you. In your mind, you make a commitment to serve that one person until they are back on their feet. This is not a contract. Lightning will not strike if you don't follow through.

Once you decide who you'll serve, then you will enter the person's first name. Notice we don't need last names, email addresses or any other details. You should also know that we will never send you an unsolicited email, nor will we ever sell your email address or name to anyone.

You will then be asked how you would like to serve this person. You will be offered a menu of choices with everything from making a call to the person letting them know you are thinking of them, to buying their groceries to praying for them. You will also have some blanks where you can enter something very specific you'd like to do to serve. You check the boxes you like and leave blank the ones that don't apply.

Next, you will be asked when you want to be reminded to serve this person. Do you want a gentle reminder daily, once a week, twice a week or once a month? You decide and can change the reminder anytime you would like.

Then, you will be asked how you want to be reminded. You can choose email or text.

Finally, we'll gently remind you and you do the rest. It is important that this not be a guilt trip for you if you don't follow through at that exact moment. It is a busy world and it is only a reminder to help you follow through on your word.

If you want more information please email If you want help with the mechanics of the site, please email

You might notice that I don't use my name on this site. It is not that I am trying to remain anonymous, rather that I don't want my business to benefit from this site in any way. My name is not buried in a metatag someplace to heighten my search rankings. I am passionate about this cause and my good friends at Grand & Weller helped me implement the dream into reality.

How do I opt out of the reminders when I'm done serving?

You can do this any time by following the opt out link in any of the reminder emails or texts you receive.